Diploma Director of “STC” Fine Mechanics Plant “Miroslav Haliku of Mayor Kamenets

For the second consecutive year Vykonachyy Committee Kamenetz-Podolsk City Council, represented by Mayor Michael Simashkevycha awarded director SE “STC” Fine Mechanics Plant “Khalika Miroslav Alexandrovich diploma:

image (16)For significant contribution to the formation of the economic potential of the city, high socio-economic results of the enterprise, to create new jobs, raise salaries systematic, winning the city competition for the best of businesses. Kamenetz-Podolsk in 2016 in the category “Best employer of the year” and on the occasion of the entrepreneur.

A. Miroslav Khalik led the State Enterprise “Scientific-Technical Complex” Plant Precision Engineering “over a year ago. An indication of his professionalism were right the first months of operation, for which the company repaid wage arrears to workers and deployed all the power at work. Another significant victory was a record in the history of the State Enterprise “STC” ZTM “issue for a month and 35 guns ZTM1 ZTM2 and components manufacturing spare parts (spare parts and tools) to gun ZTM2 in the amount of 256 sets and more than 30 000 units. These figures were the absolute production record company in the history of its existence.

Enterprise remains an important source of the state budget. Only the first half of 2016 now paid almost 9 mln. UAH. tax, which is 6 times more than the same period of 2015.