Director of “SE” STC “Fine Mechanics Plant” recognized as the best manager in 2016!

With the excellent organization and high quality of work, personal contribution to the development of the company, rational approach to governance and professionalism in nominatsiyiyi “Leader 2016” won the Director of “STC” Fine Mechanics Plant “- Miroslav Khalik!

Workers and factory administration genuinely proud of their director and express their congratulations.

A. Miroslav Khalik led the State Enterprise “Scientific-Technical Complex” Plant Precision Engineering “year and a half ago. An indication of his professionalism were right the first months of operation, for which the company repaid wage arrears to workers and deployed all the power at work.

It should be noted that the state defense order for the number of products in 2016 was the largest ever orders from the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine. In addition, the company reported a willingness to fulfill the state order for 2017 as early.

As a result of good work, and responsibility of leadership through decisive action, SE “STC” Fine Mechanics Plant “in 2016 produced nearly 250 guns and ZTM1 ZTM2 and about one million units units of various modifications. Thus, the plant provided the Department of Defense of Ukraine and enterprises of the defense industry in its entirety.