ZTM1 (a product of ”Precision Mechanics Plant“) or KBA-2 (a product CB “Artillery Armament”) – is a Ukrainian automatic gun with a caliber equal to 30-mm.

The gun ZTM1 (similar to the Russian cannon 2A72) is developed in Kamianets-Podilskyi State Enterprise “Scientific-Technical Complex” Precision Mechanics Plant “, that is specialized in manufacturing small arms and artillery armament. The factory established mass production of 30-mmr automatic cannons ZTM1 and ZTM2.


1 is designed to deal with lightly-armored vehicles, the destruction of the enemy’s manpower and air targets. The gun can be set on various types of light armored vehicles. In particular, ZTM1 can be equipped with armored personnel carriers, infantry fighting vehicles and landing troops. Particulary, the gun is a part of the universal remote weapon system “Shkval”, which is installed on the upgraded airborne assault vehicle BMP-1U “Shkval”. Also provides the  ability to adapt mounting guns to arm on her other equipment.

ZTM1 is with the single or automatic fire control system. It has the mechanical and remote type of fire control – from electric trigger, selective tape ammunition supply and equipped with armor-piercing and high-explosive missiles. Gun ammunition is consist of  500 missiles.


In late February 2014, the Lviv radio electronic factory “Lorta” has started production of the new technology for them – automatic artillery guns ZTM1. Previously, production was carried out by the company-developer – Kiev KBAO (product KBA2) and  Precision Mechanics Plant in Kamianets-Podilskyi.