ZTM2 is a Ukrainian automatic gun with a caliber equal to 30-mm.

The gun ZTM2 (similar to the Russian cannon 2A42) is developed by the Kamianets-Podilskyi State Enterprise “Scientific-Technical Complex” Precision Mechanics Plant “, and is specialized in manufacturing small arms and artillery armament. The factory established mass production of 30-mm automatic cannons ZTM1 and ZTM2[1].


The gun ZTM2 is designed to deal with lightly armored armor, destruction of the enemy`s manpower and air low-flying targets. The gun can be set on various types of light armored vehicles. In particular, ZTM2 can be completed with infantry fighting vehicle BMP-2, airborne infantry fighting vehicle BMD-2, BMD-3, armored personnel carrier BTR-80. Cannon ZTM2 can also be set on the Russian helicopter Ka-50, Ka-52, Mi-28N. The gun can be adapted for installation on the other equipment.

The guns ammunition rates up to 500 missiles. In addition, guns ZTM is the part of the universal remote weapon system “Shkval”, which is installed on the upgraded BMP-1U “Shkval” and on the armored personnel carrier BTR-3U, armored personnel carrier BTR-4, it can be also installed on the  modernized airborne infantry fighting vehicle BMD-1 and  BMD-2 and other Ukrainian armored vehicles production samples KMDB.