In Ukraine it has been shown the recent MPC-ZDA armored personnel carrier equipped with the PMP-1 gun.

The next batch of the new MPC-ZDA armored personnel carriers which are produced by State Enterprise “Kiev Armour Plant” has successfully passed one of the steps of acceptance tests at one of the military firing ranges in Kiev region before transfering to The Armed Forces of Ukraine. During this test step the accuracy of firing and the work of the combat module “Shturm-M” were verified. The Press service of “Ukroboronprom” reports about it.

“For the purpose the 30-mm PMP-1 gun was used for shooting the regular target from different distances. Thank to the guidance of weapons with the help of modern digital sighting complex, which is equipped with a laser range; and it is also possible for the gun stabilizer to achieve the high precision and the accuracy of fire in all fire modes”, “Ukroboronprom” reports. From the single to the rapid-fire mode that allows producing 330 shots in one minute, so there are 5 shells from the gun in one second.

Also the combat module “Shturm-M” is equipped with a 7.62 mm machine gun and an automatic grenade launcher, and a set of guided weapons “Barrier” which provides armor penetration of at least 800 mm without including the explosive-reactive armor at a distance of up to 5 km. That allows destroying any enemy armored vehicles.

Thus, it will be decided by the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine that a new batch of armored vehicles will arrive to the Ukrainian fighters after the termination of a full testing of MPC-ZDA equipped with the PMP-1 gun.