Military parade for the 25th anniversary of Independence of Ukraine took place involving products “Fine Mechanics Plant”

August 24 in the capital held a parade to mark the 25th anniversary of Independence of Ukraine. More than three and a half thousand troops, more than two hundred units of a powerful military technology and almost half of them were completed products of the State Enterprise “Scientific-Technical Complex” Fine Mechanics Plant “. Look on the military might of the homeland and congratulate ATU heroes gathered thousands of Kyiv residents and guests. The parade for the 25th anniversary of independence of Ukraine called the largest in state history. We are proud that the quality and reliability of our products is recognized not only in his native country but in the world as a whole.

136182_mainDate of independence Ukraine has become a turning point in the history of the Ukrainian state and a powerful stimulus for productive, inspiring work for peace and prosperity. Since independence, we have managed to overcome the difficulties of democracy state. And even in such a difficult period of economic downturn, our people, through hard work and dedication, making a worthy contribution to the development of the whole Ukraine. Ukraine Independence Day celebration for us is unity, the revaluation of our ideals and guidelines of the state and strengthening stability.

We welcome all factory team on the Independence Day of Ukraine! On this day, we wish you wisdom in making decisions, prosperity and stability to its citizens warmth and understanding to close. Let each of us trying to live in a free and democratic state embodies the dreams in specific cases. We wish you good health, happiness, faith, hope, love, exercise most cherished desires! Like Ukraine!

Also, in addition to the parade in Kiev, the day of the 25th anniversary of Independence of Ukraine products SE “STC” Fine Mechanics Plant “presented in the center of Kamenetz-Podolsk, the exhibition of achievements of industrial enterprises in the region.