The results of the exhibition “Arms and Security 2015”

From 22 to 25 September 2015 the International Exhibition Center in Kiev hosted international specialized exhibition “Arms and Security”. One of the largest and most presentable stand was well-known public concern “Ukroboronprom” consisted of 29 companies that participated in the event. Production of the association was presented by a wide range of artillery, communications and automated control, ammunition, unmanned reconnaissance aircraft, anti-tank missiles and much more.

In frames of the exhibition were shown samples of production of the State Enterprise “Scientific-Technical Complex Precision Mechanics Plant”, which are widely used for the needs of military and law enforcement agencies of Ukraine and some other countries. During the press conference the leadership of SE STC “PMP ‘reported their willingness to continue to get and implement national and international orders.

The State Enterprise Scientific-Technical Complex “Precision Mechanics Plant” demonstrated the following product samples:

  • PMP1 automatic cannon,
  • PMP2 automatic cannon,
  • Shotgun K-12,7,
  • Shotgun K-7,62,
  • element L-30-1,
  • link LA-12,7,
  • Ribbon sectional C-12,7,
  • metal tape cartridges Kuskov C-7,62,
  • shop MA-1,
  • machine for gear belts MCC-12,7,
  • machine for gear belts MCC-30
  • ammo boxes KP-7,62-100,
  • ammo boxes KP-7,62-250,
  • ammo boxes KP-7,62-50.

It should be noticed that the stand of the State Enterprise “Scientific and Technical Complex Precision Mechanics Plant” was visited by the Secretary of National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine Alexander Turchinov, who said: “Our Oboronprom today releases one of the best weapons and technologies in the world because it is being tested not on the stands and landfills, but in combat. And there exactly our militaries test our weapons, submit proposals to improve its quality, its combat performance, while the specialists of Oboronprom implement it during their work ».

All participants of the XII International specialized exhibition “Arms and Security – 2015” highly praised the level of its holding: according to the questioning whether the exhibition answered your hopes, 88% of exhibitors answered – “yes.” 76% of respondents expressed their desire to participate in the exhibition “Arms and Security – 2016».

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